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                          Horizontal Machining Center JMH630


                          (BT50) X1020 / Y850 / Z890
                          • Moving column structure design can solution the spindle head vibration and prevent rigidity movement.
                          • Direct spindle provide better precision and reduce spindle vibration.
                          • High rigidity roller type Linear Guideway on 3 axes that providing high precision manufacturing and longer service life.
                          • CNC Rotary table change providing work piece loading & unloading when processing. Saving time on the work piece load waiting.
                          • CNC Rotary table use serve motor driving, position accuracy exactly.
                          • Scissors type of telescopic cover can reduce motor output, noise, increase movement smooth and force average.
                          • Extra chip flushing system with 30 spouts providing 3 flushing areas need. Chip flushing system is effective increase 33% up flushing.
                          Model JMH630
                          TARVEL X axis travel 1020mm
                          Y axis travel 850mm
                          Z axis travel 890mm
                          Spindle center to work table surface 70~920mm
                          Spindle nose to work table center 200~1090mm
                          TABLE Table surface to floor 1300mm
                          Table size (630 X 630)X 2pcs
                          T-slot/Bolt Spec 24-M16 X P2.0 mm
                          Max. loading 1200 kg
                          Divide angle 1o (OPT. 0.001o/5o)
                          SPINDLE Spindle taper BT-50
                          Method of spindle Gear Head
                          Spindle diameter Φ100
                          Spindle speed 6000 rpm
                          FEEDRATE Spindle motor(cont/30 min) 15/18.5 kw(α15)
                          22/26 kw(α22 opt.)
                          3-axes cutting feederate 1~6000 mm/min
                          3-axes rapid feederate 24(30 opt.)
                          ATC 3-axes min. setting unit 0.001 mm
                          Tool selection 40 pcs(60/90/120 opt.)
                          Max. tool diameter X length Φ125 X 500
                          Max. tool weight 20 kg
                          Tool shank P50T-1 type
                          Tool change time(t-t) 2.9(60 HZ)
                          APC Number of pallets 2 pcs
                          Method of pallet change ROTARY
                          Pallet change time 10 SEC
                          OTHER Floor space(L X W X H) 6664 X 4175 X 3632 mm
                          Machine weight(N.W/G.W) 27000/31000 kg
                          Power capacity require 50 KVA
                          Shipment Require(Suggest) 40”FR+40” HQ

                          All specifications and designs are subject to change without prior notice.

                          Standard Accessories:

                          1. Rotary type automatic pallet changer
                          2. 1o indexing rotary table(JMH-400 std. 0.001o)
                          3. Mitsubishi or Fanuc control
                          4. 40 tools chain type ATC
                          5. BT-40,JNH-400/JMH-500(40):10,000 rpm direct drive
                          6. BT-50,JMH-500:6,000 rpm direct drive
                          7. BT-50,JMH-630/800/1000:6,000 rpm Japan Gear head
                          8. Rigid roller type linear guide way system
                          9. Spindle curtain coolant
                          10. Spindle oil cooler
                          11. Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
                          12. 3 areas powerful chip flushing system
                          13. Automatic lubrication system
                          14. Fully enclosed splash guard
                          15. Chain type chip conveyor with cart
                          16. Leveling bolts and pads
                          17. Tool box with tools
                          18. Operation and maintenance manual
                          19. Transformer(Export only) and Export packing

                          Optional Accessories:

                          1. 0.001o or 5o indexing rotary table (JMH-400, 0.001o std.)
                          2. 60,90,120 tools chain type magazine
                          3. BT-40, 10,000~24,000 rpm direct drive(JMH-400/JMH-500)
                          4. BT-50, 8,000~12,000 rpm direct drive(JMH-500)
                          5. BT-50, 8,000 or 10,000 rpm direct drive (JMH-630~JMH-1000)
                          6. Coolant through spindle(CTS-20/30/50/70 bar)
                          7. 3 axes linear scales
                          8. Oil skimmer
                          9. Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
                          10. Automatic tool length measuring device
                          11. Automatic workpiece measuring device
                          12. Coolant through tool holder 20/50 bar (without tool holder)
                          13. CE Standard
                          14. SIEMENS,HEIDENHAIN,FAGOR controller
                          15. Pallet automation system(Flexible Manufacture System
                          16. High torque Gear box(JMH-400/JMH-500)
                          17. Ball screw coolant system(JMH-630/ MH-800/JMH-1000 std.)
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