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Real Time Monitoring System

This system main purpose is against to multiple machines of monitoring. This system can combine with Fanuc, Mitsubishi and Syntec system that can collect all machines information to showing on this system and set up together.

R & D
R & D

This system is with internet edition and multiple machines monitoring program. You can through Real Time Monitoring System for data transfer to your cloud system. You can realize all machines information via internet or mobile phone.

R & D
R & D

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

This system is with an “Automated Guided Vehicle” and an “Robot Arm” for remove the work piece. The AGV system can connection several machines to remove work piece together. There are many features include: reduce human quantity, factory space and increase your working effective.

R & D
R & D

Spindle Thermal Displacement Compensation Application Technology

It will be increase spindle heat and longer when spindle running. This system main purpose is for Spindle Thermal Displacement Compensation when spindle become heat and longer. And increase the accuracy of machining .

R & D

Multiple axes error of measurement system

We cooperate with “National Formosa University” for IBS R-TEST and 5 axes multiple machines of error of measurement system.

This system can be using on multiple axes Simultaneous action compensation and increase the machine accuracy

R-TEST measurement purpose is to analysis the error of position and make up to the controller, in order to increase machine accuracy and reach customers’ accuracy require

R-TEST function: To measurement the B axis compensation, action and non-action compensation, multiple Simultaneous action compensation analysis.

R & D
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